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Bahamas & Caribbean Marketing News Section


The Bahamas is driven by tourism and financial services. Tourism provides an estimated 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP), with an additional 10% of GDP resulting from tourist-driven construction. Tourism employs about half the Bahamian work force. Read more




IPSOS Marketing Research, Dominican Republic

Capital City Marketing partners with IPSOS to collaborate on various marketing research projects conducted in The Bahamas. Projects included taste testing for world leading Beer companies like Heineken, focus Groups for major tobacco companies like Philip Morris and Quantitative Studies for major brands like Nestle.: CCM has managed the facilitation, recruiting of local participants, and the overall coordination for both the qualitative and quantitative studies.

Market Facts & Opinions (2000) Ltd.

CCM has collaborated in the past with Market Facts and Opinions in various local Quantitative (face to face interviews) and telephone interviews for major credit card companies and the like. This ongoing relationship engages Capital City Marketing in various other aspects of quantitative and qualitative studies in The Bahamas.

Atlantic Medical Insurance Company Ltd.

CCM executes The Bahamas’ number one Fun Run Walk event, the Annual Atlantic Medical Fun Run Walk. Held in March or April of each year, the event attracts over 1500 participants. The event is designed to give clients of the Insurance entity an opportunity to incorporate “healthy lifestyles” into their every day lives. The Bahamas Diabetic Association and the Cancer Society of The Bahamas receive hefty donations from the proceeds of the event while a great time is had by all.

Systems Consulting Ltd 

CCM carries out major quantitative Post Episodic Studies for major Banking Institutions in The Bahamas. Additionally quantitative benchmark and retail studies are also conducted in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands. In collaboration with Systems Consulting, CCM specializes in local market data collection.

Subway Restaurants

For several years, Capital City Marketing devised effective advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns to help establish the Subway brand in The Bahamas.  These efforts included all media placements, event management to include the creation of the local Subway Fun Run Walk and various local store promotions.  Devising local specific marketing and advertiinsg strategies for The Bahamas market was key to local branding success.

National Insurance Board

CCM is working with the NIB to facilitate in local Ad Campaigns through the production of T.V. and radio ads.

Hennessy Artistry – Burns House Ltd

CCM has been contracted to produce and present musical artists in The Bahamas under the Hennessey Artistry label. The “BeenieMan” Concert held earlier this year, was a huge success, attracting thousands of attendees at an exciting “one night” affair at the Club Luna in The Bahamas. The Hennessey brand received its well deserved positioning through the careful strategies of CCM and maintains its prominence as the Number 1 cognac in The Bahamas.

FTCL Consultants LTD

CCM facilitates this financial entity with strategies in branding and positioning.

Ministry of Youth Sports & Culture

CCM has facilitated and executed major events of this government ministry through well planned and exciting Media Relations – Advertising and P.R. In particular the October – Youth Month over the past years have been promoted by CCM.

Asisa Research Group

In conjunction with the Asisa Research Group, Capital City Marketing conducted a series of focus groups in The Bahamas for major Cable Movie Channels like HBO.

Grace Foods

Capital City Marketing is the ad agency of record for Grace Foods in The Bahamas. In this capacity, CCM executes all advertising and marketing strategies for the company.


The CEO of Capital City Marketing was appointed Marketing Executive for The Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos for several years.  In this capacity, representation was made in the above markets for the telecommunications giant to execute marketing and advertising strategies to target the U.S. traveller in these markets.The involvement with AT&T sharpened skills specific to marketing in the telecommunications industry.

Bahamas Government

For the past several years CCM has executed the P.R and advertising for the Bahamas Independence Celebrations

Bahamas Olympic Committee

CCM has taken the Bahamas Olympic Committee’s major Fun Community event to new heights in raising the awareness of the importance of local entities in supporting their own Olympians on Olympic Day each year. The BOC Fun Run Walk through the promotion of CCM now attracts approximately 800 participants at its annual event.

Royal Bank of Canada

For the past few years, CCM has facilitated with the Royal Bank of Canada in executing its Annual Childrens Cancer Fund Fun Run Walk. More info


CCM enjoys excellent relationships with partners internationally and throughout the Caribbean which enables a further reach for critical Marketing Research.   For several years, Capital City Marketing in conjunction with Marketpulse has conducted mystery shopping for Texaco/Chevron in 13 Caribbean islands.