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Bahamas & Caribbean Marketing News Section


The Bahamas is driven by tourism and financial services. Tourism provides an estimated 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP), with an additional 10% of GDP resulting from tourist-driven construction. Tourism employs about half the Bahamian work force. Read more


Providing Innovative Advertising and Marketing Solutions for Our Local and International Clients
Marketing, advertising and public relations

Marketing Research

Whether you’re just launching a product, want to obtain practical information or want consumers’ mindset or views on a brand, CCM offers a true hybrid solution for integrating quantitative and qualitative research methods.


CCM will devise the best ad campaigns to chart the course in the communication of ideas about products and services for its clients ensuring that ad strategies reflect other business considerations such as overall budget, brand recognition efforts and objectives like public image enhancement, and market share growth.

Event Management & Promotions

CCM provides a one stop shop agency for the execution of quality corporate events, promotional marketing, press conferences, seminars, concerts and much more.

Marketing Consulting / Branding

Whether your brand, product, or event goals are local, regional or national in scale, CCM can accommodate your marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing

We produce and deliver high-impact and superb print materials that exceed clients’ expectations.

Graphic Design and Production

To achieve a good website should have an impressive and innovative design and highlight all the qualities of your company's product or service.

Media, Government and Public Relations

Capital City Marketing enjoys excellent relationships with local media houses and government officials to cause for the proper networking and positioning for its clients. Our in-house public relations professionals convey credible messaging that goes beyond advertising for our clients.